nest & malicious dumbo


nest & malicious dumbo @ ‘Tingenes tilstand’ – ‘The State of Things’
The Art Hall at Tullinløkka 29.04.06-03.09.06

The exhibition presents design and crafts that follow their own paths, but which nonetheless are involved in and have an effect on the general development of the design and crafts of today.

Participants: Revolutions on Request (FIN), Uglycute (S), 3rd Hand (N), We work in a fragile material (S), Afke Golsteijn (NL), Anthony Kleinepier og TTTVo (NL), Temp (N), Tsang Kin Wah (Hong Kong), Frida Bard (S), Extrastruggle (Tyrkia), Lagombra (S), Torpedo (N), Å.B.Ä.K.E (Jap, GBR, S) og Martino Gamper (It/Eng)

The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design
Kristian Augusts gate 23, 0130 Oslo, Norway
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Monday: closed.
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